So you know how sometimes you are just dying to try something, take a risk, just go for
it?  That's what Sanctuary is; a gamble on a dream to do something I would really love
and would be more like play than work.  
Sanctuary opened in July 2008 and has been evolving and getting better ever since.  I
love modern graphic designs,  bright prints, anything mid-century, and cool packaging.
I'm a sucker for blogs and can credit many finds to hours spent online. I am also a huge
supporter of the local design community and love getting to know and work with so
many amazing people.
So that's the story: nothing special just a hard workin gal with a dream, endless amount
of energy and a little creative spark!
Mon-Sat  10-6  Sun 11-4
3663 Bee Caves Rd
Austin, Texas 78746

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